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From Product Delivery to Operation – Technical Support to Customers

To satisfy our clients and support them all along the project life, Heurtey Petrochem Solutions developed specific know-how to bring a wide range of services to our customer in order to fit with their specifics constraints and related demands. These services include engineering and mechanical studies, industrial design, quality control, and a variety of engineering services relating to Oil & Gas industries, as well as construction and maintenance of furnaces for refineries and petrochemicals plants.

Our services:

Find out more information about our wide range of services below:

Transport from manufacturing point to desired customer location

Heurtey Petrochem Solutions responds to each client requests by offering the best transportation means (road, sea, rail, river, air etc…) and delivery location (manufacturing plant, intermediate seaport or yard, end user plant etc…) to suit the project needs, whatever the distance between the manufacturing location and end user plant.
Heurtey Petrochem Solutions is able to build the optimized modularization scheme for each product, in the aim to reduce work at site, and taking into account heater dimensional limitations linked to transportation constraints, on the way and in the end user plant.

Erection on end user site

When the product is delivered in the end user plant, Heurtey Petrochem Solutions remains available for the client to supervise the construction of the heater, with the help of a construction specialist. This specialist will lead the erection team during the site works based on Heurtey Petrochem Solution documentations, such as construction plan, lifting drawings, detailed drawings etc…
Nowadays, it is common that clients ask to include the heater erection at end user site directly within the “Heater package scope”. This allow the client to reduce his interface with sub-contracted companies. In order to answer to this growing demand, Heurtey Petrochem Solutions developed all along the last two decades a complete know-how to perform a wide range of site works leading to the complete erection of the product and more. This activity is performed in partnership with well-known sub-contracted erection companies, within the close supervision of Heurtey Petrochem Solutions management and specialists.  Heurtey Petrochem Solutions can also work with other companies recommended by our clients formerly audited and validated by our QA/QC department.

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning  & Mechanical completion

At the end of erection step, Heurtey Petrochem Solutions specialists are invited on site to validate that the erection phase was done properly, in line with Heurtey Petrochem Solution documentations and specifications.
During this phase, the specialist will check several main points such as welding quality, piping routing, equipment installation (burner, fans, APH etc…).
At the end of this step, the specialist will be able to sign the mechanical completion document which will allow the client to continue the work and begin the Start Up phase.

Start-up & Dry out

With the mechanical completion performed, the client will now be able to start the furnace. This critical stage is described within Heurtey Petrochem Solutions project documentation via strict procedures and will be supported/supervised by dedicated specialists to ensure a smooth and safe Start Up.
This startup will first allow the dry out of the refractory located on furnace walls and will be preceded by series of tests and verifications mainly related to fuel firing system allowing safe operations.
Heurtey Petrochem Solutions will manage to help the client in that critical step to keep product integrity and maintain a high degree of safety.

Performance test

In order to check that the product performances in operation are in line with Heurtey Petrochem Solution contractual guarantees, a performance test can be performed after several weeks of operation. During this test period, Heurtey Petrochem Solution specialist and the end user will monitor heater operational parameters under different operation cases. These site parameters will then be confronted with expected results coming from simulations to check that heater response is in accordance with project documentation.
This test is the occasion for Heurtey Petrochem Solutions to confirm with the client that the product is in line with all specifications and their requests.

Site survey, existing unit inspection and analysis

The life of a furnace does not stop at the end of the erection and after several years or decades of operation; a furnace is not the same than the delivered one. Indeed, all along the year of operations, end user needs can vary, furnace could have been damaged and/or became less effective. In that frame, Heurtey Petrochem Solutions can perform site survey of existing heaters with the aim to evaluate their performance via site measurements, visual inspection and DCS panel analysis. The aim of this activity is to help the end-users to assess the performance of their furnace and advise them about potential actions to be undertaken in the future to improve the operation. Such inspection can be performed for instance to estimate coke issue inside the heater or prior to a capacity enhancement study or revamp. These site surveys can be performed for any heater, supplied by Heurtey Petrochem Solutions or another company, and for any type of unit/process.

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